Explore a variety of our holiday homes below, from castles, cottages to log cabins!


Monteviot Stables West

Sleeps 8                                       Prices can be found via the Crabtree & Crabtree
2 Pets allowed                            website. Please click button to the right.
3-night minimum stay              Self-catering/Catering can be organised


Ferniehirst Castle 

Sleeps 18                                         Prices begin at £5,850 (3 nights)
2 Pets allowed                                7 nights: £13,650 (inc. VAT - UK)
3-night minimum stay                  Catering and housekeeping available

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Nisbet Old Schoolhouse

Sleeps 6                                         Pricing found on AirBnB
2 Pets allowed                              Self-catering
2-night minimum 


The Lothian Wing


Sleeps 6                                             £285 per night, plus VAT where applicable 
2 Pets allowed                                  Self-catering
3-night minimum stay


Ferniehirst Log Lodge

Sleeps 6                                            Prices found on AirBnB
2 Pets allowed                                 Self-catering
3-night minimum