The Estate Offices

The Estate Offices are located at Bonjedward, beside the A68 a little over a mile north of Jedburgh.

In the 1970s, the stables for Jedneuk House were converted to form a suite of offices, allowing the Factor, Clerk of Works, Head Forester and Accountant to be able to work closely together, share staff as well as reception and boardroom facilities.

Mrs Pat Blair joined Lothian Estates in 1986 and became Factor in 1998. Being with the Estate for 32 years, she is known fondly and created an enjoyable environment for those living in the Estate. In early June 2019, Pat began working part-time and retired at the end of September 2019. 

We are glad to welcome our new Factor, Ben Burbridge, who took over from Pat in June. We believe he will make an excellent impression on our tenants and colleagues and look forward to seeing what he has planned for the years ahead.